Product Graphics

Bajaj electric kettle





Second colour combination 



Universal Design

Indian squat toilet 


Design Brief

The brief was to universally design the Indian squat toilet.


Universal design refers to a broad-spectrum of ideas meant to produce buildings, products and environments that are inherently accessible to both people without disabilities and people with disabilities. Also, it is “an approach to creating environments and products that people of all ages and abilities are able to use to the largest extent possible”.

Categories of people to be considered :

1. Visually impaired

2. Hearing and speech impaired

3. People with special needs (physical, mental, psychological, etc)

4. Senior citizens

5. Pregnant women

6. Anomalies (left handed, etc)



Principles of Universal Design :

1. Equitable use

2. Flexibility in use 

3. Simple and intuitive use

4. Perceptible information

5. Tolerance for error

6. Low physical effort

7. Size and space for approach and use





Present Design

The images below show the initial research of the existing toilets, their environments, the problems identified, the wild ideas, concepts and the mock up model (1:8 ratio) with respect to which the spacing of the elements, the dimensioning and the overall space was designed.







New Design 





Details of the new design






Display and control

Printer – Scanner – Copier –  Fax machine


Design Brief

To redesign the display and controls (interface) of the machine.

Present Design

The machine can perform four operations which is print, scan, xerox and fax. The initial research about the product, its environment, its user, user-machine interaction and the task analysis was done.

The last image shows the close up of the part of the machine that was redesigned. 





Details of the machine

The images below show the technical details and the controls of the machine along with the problems identified with respect to the controls of the machine.





Concept explorations (sketches and software)

The concepts were thought of with respect to the rules to be followed in the ergonomics of any machine.





New Design (Value addition)

  • Horizontal placement of buttons since horizontal movement of hand is easier and precise than vertical 
  • Four push buttons in a row since the push buttons in a row should not exceed four
  • Required amount of spacing given with clear and prominent demarcations
  • Easy legibility (Contrasting colour usage with respect to the background and the symbols on the buttons)
  • Absolute error free numbering buttons, that is from down to up (central panel)
  • Grouping of the LCD screen display and the 5 buttons as they are frequently used and as they are elements that need to be grouped
  • Highlight of commonly used buttons with same colour code
  • Naming of the machine in capitals according to the order of its function (starting from left to right)

Apart from these aspects,

  • The buttons are all push buttons as they are easier to operate
  • All the Start buttons (or any buttons pressed) will be backlit to let the user aware that the process is in progress and one need not press again
  • The display screen will be a 7 segment display panel, which will be LED lit instead of dot matrix LCD which is very confusing.







Products and relations

AXE deodorant for Women

Design Brief

To design an AXE deodorant for women with a theme of our choice.


Present AXE deodrants in the market 




New Design 

The theme chosen was “AXE Coffee”. The attributes are “Feminine”, “Graceful” and “Sensuous”.

The images below show the finished model of the bottle, the moodboard chosen for form inspiration and the user pictures of the product.





External Hard disk for youth


Design Brief

To design an external hard disk for any particular brand for a specific target group.


Present external Seagate hard disks




New Design

The brand chosen was “Seagate” and the target group was the youth. Seagate’s brand identity was studied and the attributes chosen were in such a way that it represented Seagate’s brand identity. The attributes are, “Sleek”, “Unique” and “Semi-modern”. The kind of youth chosen were the Semi-modern youth (that is youth who are not so modern but still a little modern). So the hard disk still retains the characteristic of the conventional cuboidish shape but still has some variation in the form. The form has been changed keeping in mind the internal components of the hard disk. The form inspiration is taken from the moodboard (last image).



Packaging Design

Design Brief

This was a group project that involved designing packaging for “Glass bangles” for festive wear, targeted at the Upper Middle and Premium class. The aim was to reposition glass bangles as “accessories” and promote the cottage industries of glass bangles. 



Present Packaging and Display



New Design 

The package design was designed by me and the graphics was done by the Graphic Designer. The images below show the glass bangle package without the graphics, along with the front and back of the final single pack as well as pack of five comprising of different colours with graphics.





Design details with Sketches and Mock ups

The final design consists of a cylindrical packaging with a wooden piece inside. This pack is for twelve bangles as bangles always come in dozens. The wooden piece is designed in that shape so that it can be stackable. When this package (without the lid) is kept in the shops for display, the users can check the bangles for their respective sizes and have a look at it without opening a new box or package of bangles. The dimension of the outer cylinder of the packaging is with respect to the biggest bangle size and the dimension of the circle of the wood piece is with respect to the smallest bangle size. So all bangle sizes fit into this. While providing the customer with a single piece, the lid is put on top and sold.





Nature and Form

Design brief 

This project involved selecting and analysing a natural form, of its unique characteristic feature. The natural form I chose was the “Sword Billed Humming bird”, from South America and found in Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia. It is the only species of bird with a bill longer than its body length. This unique feature of the bird was taken into consideration.





2D explorations 

Two different forms of the bird was taken and abstracted. The images below show the 2D explorations for abstracting the form and the final abstract forms.



Patterns and tesselations created out of the abstracted forms.



3D explorations

The form of the bird was to be visualized as a three dimensional product. So I considered a “walking stick”, as the stick matched the beak of the bird (also because the special characteristic feature of this bird being its longest beak) and the bird form fitted perfectly as a handle. Since the bird’s form is curved, the stick was also made curved to continue the curves following the bird’s body and also to not break the continuity of the overall product (Gestalt’s theory). As a result, the stick as a whole looks visually pleasing. The stick being curved, is functionally useful because it does not come in the way of the person while he/she is walking. The final model consists of the handle made out of wood and the stick made out of MS rod.

The images below show the finished product along with sketches, mock ups, the overall process of arriving at the final form and the user pictures of the product.